rehab reformer

Instruct and perform core stability, peripheral mobility and plyometric exercises with exceptional results on the STOTT PILATES Rehab Reformer™. Unique engineering allows you to use this unit strictly as a reformer or benefit from numerous Cadillac exercises by adding a mat converter and utilizing the vertical frame. The Rehab Reformer offers unparalleled versatility while saving floor space and money.

Rehab Reformer with vertical Frame

Note: The Rehab Reformer can also
be ordered without the Vertical Frame

Reformer Features

  • Footbar, spring tension gearbar and carriage stopping system adjust to regulate hip and knee flexion and accommodate different heights and abilities.
  • Robust footbar, wooden standing platform and pommel-style shoulder rests support a wide range of body weights.
  • Carriage boasts durable vinyl upholstery and dense EVA foam, finely calibrated to provide maximum comfort and faithful proprioceptive feedback.
  • Carriage glides over enhanced double C rails using a patented rolling mechanism to create a smooth, friction-free ride.
  • Easy-roll wheels make STOTT PILATES reformers a breeze to move or reposition.
  • High-quality materials and construction ensure superior stability and safety. Gauged to withstand continuous, high-intensity studio use.

Vertical Frame Features

  • multiple spring attachments
  • 2 light arm springs with foam grip handles
  • 2 leg springs with padded straps
  • maple roll-down bar with 2 springs
  • push-thru bar with 2 springs
  • safety chain with dual spring clip adjustments

Equipped with

  • 5 reformer springs
    4 x 100% + 1 x 50% tension
  • soft reformer loops & ropes
  • 3 gearbar positions
  • 6 carriage stopping positions
  • 3 headrest positions
  • 4 footbar positions
  • detachable shoulder rests
  • easy-roll wheels
  • secure spring housing system

Dimensions – Rehab Reformer

  • carriage width 24", length 38"
  • overall width 30", length 97"
  • carriage height from floor 22-1/2"
  • weight 185 lbs
  • extra long model available

Dimensions – Vertical Frame

  • width 30-1/2"
  • height 77-1/4"
  • weight 41-1/2 lbs


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detachable shoulder rests

Detachable shoulder rests

adjustable headrest

Adjustable three-position headrest

Adjustable Gearbar

Gearbar slots into three different positions to adjust tension easily. Springs secure quickly and safely.

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